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Kevin and Elise Fourie Counselling Psychologists in Pretoria.
With more than 30 years of experience each, we use a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques including cognitive and problem solving approaches, clinical hypnotherapy, BWRT®, play therapy and life, executive and performance coaching.
Signs of Anger Issues

Remember, you don't have to face anger issues alone. Seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals can provide valuable assistance in developing healthy coping mechanisms and managing anger effectively.

Emotional Resilience

Individuals with emotional resilience possess a distinct approach to confronting distressing events. They not only permit themselves the space to mourn but also consistently count their blessings and concentrate on the elements they can influence in real-time. Cultivating such resilience demands dedication, consistent effort, and robust mental fortitude.

How Worry Takes a Toll on Your Body

It's natural for all of us to experience worries at times, but if these concerns persist for weeks and begin to interfere with your daily life, it might be a sign to seek help from your doctor. Prolonged worry can have a significant impact on your physical health and may even be linked to an anxiety disorder. Fortunately, there are various therapies, medications, and coping strategies that can provide assistance.

ADHD In Adults

Adult ADHD is estimated to affect 4% to 5% of adults in the world. The symptoms of adult ADHD can start in childhood, but they may not be diagnosed until adulthood. Adults with ADHD may have problems with self-control. This can lead to difficulty controlling anger, impulsive behaviors and blurting out rude or insulting thoughts.