Emotional Resilience

August 28, 2023by Elise

Individuals with emotional resilience possess a distinct approach to confronting distressing events. They not only permit themselves the space to mourn but also consistently count their blessings and concentrate on the elements they can influence in real-time.

Cultivating such resilience demands dedication, consistent effort, and robust mental fortitude.


Building Emotional Resilience 

Harvard-trained psychologists have noticed a trend: the most emotionally resilient people are deliberate in their responses to challenges. They might say things like:
– “I can get through this.”
– “I’m not going to let myself be a victim.”
– “Life is hard, but it’s part of the journey.”

Remember, resilience isn’t about denying hardship, but finding ways to grow from it.


The Power of Perspective

When faced with adversity, resilient individuals shift their viewpoint. Instead of asking, “Why did this happen to me?”, they ponder:
– “What can I learn from this?”
– “This too shall pass.”
– “Each day is an opportunity to feel better.”

Life’s roller coasters are inevitable. It’s all about the mindset we adopt during the ride.


Emotional Flexibility & Gratitude

A cornerstone of emotional resilience? The ability to navigate feelings and focus on the positives. Phrases like:
– “I need some time.”
– “I still have things to be grateful for.”
– “It is what it is.”
– remind us that while we can’t always change the situation, we can control our reaction.


Letting Go & Moving Forward

Resilience isn’t about holding onto past pains or seeking vengeance. It’s about acceptance and moving forward.
– “I’m letting this go.”
– “Forgiving doesn’t mean it was okay; it just means I’m no longer letting it weigh me down.”


Choose to rise above and keep journeying on. 


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